"I WON'T LET WHAT I HAVE endured ever keep me down."



Keaira Nyhidjah Jones, has proven in the face of adversity that she is an intelligent young artist.  After losing her mom in the 9th grade she thought she wasn’t going to make it to graduation, but she did and graduated high school being Microsoft Certified and a Certified Administrative Assistant. Keaira is currently attending school at Peirce College in Philadelphia and is working on a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. When she graduates, she will open her personal business, Safe Key, which provides housing and social services to homeless people in and around the Philadelphia area.  

Keaira is currently learning through Wholistic how to become more engaged with her local community. In the last 3 years, through collaborating with the People’s Assemblies, she has been able to work with people around the community, learn how to get what her community needs, as well as realize what she needs from her community in order to be successful.