"My work crosses disciplines, and weaves in and out of social issues because I intend to be all the way free, not just a little- but completely."


Charlyn Griffith (A.K.A Charly Brownskin) is an interdisciplinary artist, social scientist and cultural worker. Charlyn’s own arts background started in dance and theater, and was born out of the 1980's/90's era Zeitgeist of modernism. She has been shaped by the overlaps of her Caribbean upbringing in the US and her English immigrant experiences.

Her current work is exploring 3 dimensional figures, and painting- 17 years in education has her playing with concepts with children, before sharpening her style for showing. She's is also a gardener, muralist and designer, within the last 4 years, bringing her aesthetics to learning and green space planning. Her experience in theater, particularly experimenting with the teachings of Augusto Boal, keeps the performance schedule full.

Charlyn continues to study the anthropo, bio, socio and technological implications of popular and emergent culture to understand the future of her practices and ppl. She founded Sanctuary wholistic arts, a Philadelphia arts venue where over 500 artists have performed, and numerous social activist theatrical performances and capacity building workshops have been held. Wholistic is a second iteration of this artistic and social activist hub.