Black is what I am, and who I am. Love is who I come from, Shantel and Shawn, young and ambitious. Both striving for greatness for themselves and their little ones. These black babies were babies before having their own babies. From his red hair to her small, dark beautiful frame. Hope emerged when this beauty touched down.

This black child had it all together until he didn’t. it’s fine to not be perfect (and you are perfect. That kid who everyone loved and talked way too much (and you are perfect). That short athletic kid, who could also dress extremely well and didn’t want to get dirt on his clothes (and you are perfect)

Hey black children out there, you and everything and then some! You can be whatever you want to be and than over some. You are so perfect in your brown skin whether that be dark or light! Black kid, hey I’m proud of you and thank you for being you! I am the black kid, you are the black kid, we are BLACK CHILDREN!