What is being black look like?

This piece of media shows that no matter what you throw at us we will come together and find a way to get it done. Being black is being strong and being able to say I know you see me as this weird creature walking on land yawl supposedly have discovered but let me show you what my blackness has in stored. Yes, my ancestors fought and yes some of them was broken but I have all their traits and they have created me to come back ten times as harder and stronger to help support and inform my racist.

I am here to bring innovative ideas and knowledge to the world not just for my racist but to other racist and cultures to get them aware of what’s been going on and how instead of fighting each other we can come together in unity and make an impact of this world in also in our personal life. Someone once told me that if you know your own history no one can ever tell you different.

How did this video impact you and how does it reflect your work?

I choose this video because it really hit home for me. This video helps everyone who ever doubted themselves because they were black or because their hair was too thick. This song shows that yes even in a room full of black people for each one of them they can pull several things about them that is wonderful because they are black. This song also shows that yes, we have those outside people looking in but from the inside looking out there is no one better or stronger than the black race or community.

This song ties to the work I am doing because most of the people that we are working with are African decants and some of them are used to being heard they can’t do this or they shouldn’t do a certain thing because the white supremacy said it should be this way. That is where the work I do comes into show these people that what they tell you is your history, is not and this is your real history and this is how you get what you want without being violent.

- Keaira